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Tanama Coffee started as a family endeavor, with a shared belief that the coffee grown in the Caribbean islands is of the best in the world. These sister islands, as well as Puerto Rico, have the proper elevation, the fertile land, the tropical rains that Arabica coffee trees love, and along with the proper nurturing by artisanal coffee farmers, all the elements that ensure only the very best coffee is grown and harvested are in place.

To bring this coffee to you, we source the finest coffee beans from select "campesinos", or small rural farmers. While the abundance of artisanal coffee on the Caribbean islands is waning, as the art of coffee harvesting now rests in the hands of smaller groups of farmers, we continue to believe that coffee from Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands is the best in the world. We have partnered and aligned ourselves with their efforts, and along with our assistance, guidance, and means of bringing their labor to the world, we promise to maintain the highest standards of sustainable coffee harvesting. By striving to provide coffee lovers with the highest quality Puerto Rican coffee, and sharing the knowledge, assistance, and training with which to develop sustainable harvesting programs, the rural areas that once thrived from coffee harvesting in Puerto Rico may very well experience resurgence.

Our mission is to encourage fair trade practices with the Puerto Rico and the Caribbean "campesinos", maintain a sustainable coffee harvest that meets our criteria of quality, whilst revitalizing the land for generations to come. We promise our efforts, combined with the latest in processing and roasting technology will bring you the very best Puerto Rican Gourmet Coffee.

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